Tile Installation

for Your Dream Home

Durable Flooring

Tile and stone are among the most durable flooring options, capable of lasting a lifetime if properly installed and maintained. They also feature a strikingly elegant aesthetic, and the appearance of stone flooring improves with age.

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Glass & mosaic tiles & accents

Tile that is installed correctly and maintained can last up to a lifetime. Different tile materials have varying lifespan, but in general, tile is a very durable and long-lasting material compared to other flooring types. Glass, mosaic, and accent tiles offer a wide variety of options when it comes to color and texture. Find the right one to fit your home.

Care & Maintenance

Though tile and stone have different care requirements, both are relatively easy to maintain. Tile is nearly impervious to staining and easy to wipe clean, though the grout may become discolored over time if not cleaned regularly.

Certain stone tile materials may absorb spills and stains, necessitating a quick response to prevent permanent discoloration. Other than frequent sweeping and occasional mopping with a tile or stone cleaner, adequately installed tile generally requires very little maintenance thanks to its superior durability.

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A few of our featured brands are:

Daltile, Florida Tile, Anatolia Tile, Interceramic and Happy Floors