Feel the Cushioning

Under Your Feet

Soft & Comforting

Carpet is an excellent choice for nearly any home, which may be why more than 55 percent of homes feature carpet over other flooring options. Quality carpet is soft and comforting, providing cushioning that feels great under the foot.

Since carpet can trap warm air, it also stays relatively warm, even during the winter months. Many varieties are stain-resistant, and carpet can also trap allergens such as dust, dirt and pet dander, holding them in place until they can be removed with a vacuum.

RSI Floors and Walls, Inc

Carpet Maintenance

While carpet does require some maintenance, a little routine care can keep it looking great for years to come. Carpet care begins with frequent vacuuming, which removes both dirt and any trapped dander, dust, or other allergens.

In addition to vacuuming, RSI Floors and Walls, Inc recommends that carpets be professionally cleaned about once per year. Any spills should be treated as quickly as possible to discourage staining.

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